Playtattoo is a start up developing temporary artistic tattoos for all ages. 
This was a beautiful project, where I worked from stage 0 as a creative director and graphic designer. The creative proposal was to add ecological value and inclusive content to the product.
Creative direction, graphics and art direction of the audiovisual campaigns for crowdfunding and social media.
Creative director for photography campaign and photo collage edition. 
The proposal is to include shape, age, and ethnic body diversity in action, not in an objectifying position.
Creative direction of the temporary tattoo collections: Embroidery, Curanderas, Animalaris, and Esportisimas (some not released yet). These first four collections are made for women, learning from and informing feminisms values. The proposal made for the next four collections was functional diversity.
Curation of contemporary and relevant artist of the past. 
Packaging and product design based on working with sustainable suppliers, reducing the packaging elements and proposing their reuse as postal or envelope.
To develop the brand identity I made a competitive audit, prepared the design proposal, mood boards and looked  through the brand identity strategy along with branding counselling sessions.
Creative direction and design for web and social media. Developing strategies for social media non-design team. Designing graphics and animations for different applications.
Graphic art of the four postcards collection and nine tattoos about popular expressions. (some not released yet)
Executive Direction: Marta Roca | Communication and content manager: Javier López | Adviser in Feminisms and Content: Leticia Moy | Advisor: Sarah Anglada | Landing page: Karakter Studio | Studio photography: Irene Moray | Video editing: CrowdEasy | Branding Advisor: LostinBrandingGraphic | Design work experience: Marta Forns.